Path Colours refer to marker on route

Red Path

Starting at Market Hill walk north along Stoneham Street and then Tilkey Road. At the end of this road follow the path under the by-pass and across the field. (Ignore the path to the left and follow the path to the road). Follow the road to the T-junction, turn right to the farmhouse, pass through the farmyard and young tree plantation and then turn left and follow the path to the by-pass. Cross the by-pass, walk into the estate keeping left past the school, turn right at T-junction and then left into Churchfield Road. At the end take the left hand path and follow this round to the right of the church. Walk through lych-gate and turn right to return to the town.

Green Path

From Market Hill proceed south to East Street and then left towards Colchester. Past the recreation ground turn right at the F.P Post and follow the path past the pumping station (for three fields) *. Turn right at the metal gate ande then turn left. Follow the river, pass through the gate and go over the bridge and stile. Pass through the next gate and go around the mill to Mill Lane. Walk along the lane until reaching the T-junction and then turn right to return to Coggeshall.     * For a shorter walk at this point, pass through the gate, over the river and mill race through the farmyard and then follow the lane past Abbey Church. On reaching the T-junction turn right to Coggeshall.

Blue Path

From Market Hill walk north along Stoneham Street and then turn into Robinsbridge Road. Follow this road across the by-pass (ignoring the road to the right) *, turn left and follow Green Lane to the wood. Ignoring the the right hand turning at the beggining of the wood, follow the path through the wood and then bear right at the road. Turn right at the F.P Post and follow the track past the pond. Just before the wood ends tak the right hand rack, turn left at the concrete road and then right at the T-junction. On reaching the bridge, turn left and walk to the T-junction. At this point you may turn left to see Marks Hall Lakes or turn right along the avenue to meet the road. Following the road, turn right at the T-junction and right again at the next T-junction. At the end of the road foolow the path to the left, walk under the by-pass and proceed along the road back to Coggeshall.    * At this point a shorter walk may be had by turning right and walking through the farmyard and down the slope to where the road turns left. Go straight on leaving the garden on your left, Pass over the stream, follow the path to the right and turn right at the T-junction. Follow this path under the by-pass and on reaching the road, follow this back to Coggeshall.

Brown Path

From Market Hill walk north along Stoneham Street and turn left at the library. Where the road goes into the car park, take the narrow path to the right over the stream, through the allotments and go past the pond in the next field. Bear right across the field to the farm building passing between them, straight on to the by-pass. Cross the by-pass and walk through the spinney. At the end of the spinney turn left and cross two fields, aiming for the gap halfway along the far hedge. Pass over the gate and turn right heading for the stile to the left of the pond and barns. On reaching the track, turn right between the barns, go past the house on the road and follow the road round to the right. Follow the road crossing the by-pass and passing the ford, back into Coggeshall.

Orange Path - The Essex Way

This is a long distance path crossing the country from Epping in the west, to Dedham in the north-east. The map shows that part of the path passing through Coggeshall. It makes a pleasant walk starting at either the top of Grange Hill along the path beside the Grange Barn and on through Blestend to Bradwell, or from St Peters Road where a turning to the left leads to Houchins Farm